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What is it to be a cabin crew member in business jets? - By Ahmed Haouaria

What is it to be a cabin crew member in business jets? - By Ahmed Haouaria

10 Jan 2020

My soul is in the sky.

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Certain professions arise from a passion, to follow a true vocation.In Business Aviation it is this state of mind that is looked for, encouraged and appreciated at its true value. Passion is the common point that any crew member shares with each of the customers. The experience is fascinating and rewarding for everyone. 

Whata business aviation flight attendant flight attendant, should be able to perform as and what skills does she/he need to have to achieve this status? 

To be a cabin crew member in business jets? A demanding job … done by passion.

As in commercial aviation, the main mission of the "luxury" cabin crew remains the same: "to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers". The few divergence points of with a cabin crew member from commercial aviation will basically lie in the presentation and expected services.Indeed, as a flight attendant in the business jets, you work with privileged people or high political ranks who are used to a certain standing. They will therefore be much more attentive to the quality of your service and will expect you to be flawless (or almost). To meet their aspirations, you must constantly be looking for the improvement of your service to get closer to perfection and make their travels as easy as possible.

It starts with your presentation: uniform, hairstyle, makeup ... everything must be impeccable, no detail should be left to chance. Good taste and the art of presentation are two qualities necessary for the exercise of this function.Regarding your service as a flight attendant / steward, you must be able to anticipate the expectations of your customers to meet their needs before they even had to formulate them. You must also be able to adapt to any situation, and be able to meet any request. This job therefore requires being reactive and sometimes inventive in order to always be able to respond as best as possible to your customers' requests.Furthermore, being a flight attendant in the luxury sector implies more autonomy than in commercial aviation. Often these planes only accommodate one flight attendant or flight attendant. Everything rests on your shoulders, so you must be responsible and know how to manage on your own.

Every day is different

The Word “monotony” is a complete reverse of business aviation. Unlike the commercial aviation, where you could get bored of performing the same flight routes over and over again with more or less standard monthly schedules, in business aviation every flight program can bring new surprises. Due to the great variety and mix of customers on board, you will find yourself in all kinds of specific, some timed exotic destinations. In addition to that, VIP cabin crew has longer layovers.

As a private jet cabin crew, on the other hand, you are always at the disposal of the company on call 24/7. Depending on your job provider you might be working two or one month on and one month off. But it is the matter of your personal qualities – if you are flexible enough and respond quickly, than there shouldn’t be any difficulties to adapt to such working conditions. Particularly, when it pays off.

Some CEOs take their jet like a taxi. But how does this elite market for the powerful work?

In 1979, the The theme song of the film Hart to Hart the American television series the story of a wealthy couple who lead a glamorous jetset lifestyle opened on the takeoff of a Gulfstream II, symbol of the success of the American businessman. Launched in 1966, this aircraft was the first long-range business jet: 6,635 kilometers, making it possible to transatlantic flight. Before that, the private jet was confined to regional flights.

Fifty years later, business aviation has reached new heights with ever more luxurious and efficient jets, but has plateaued in terms of sales. Since the 2008 record and the 1,306 units sold, all manufacturers combined, the sector has been experiencing turbulence. According to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (Gama), in 2015, global sales of private jets fell to 718 units, generating approximately $ 22 billion in sales. And the aircraft manufacturers are optimistic: the fleet renewal period is approaching, and it will even be accelerated with the launch of new models. For the 2016-2025 period, the Canadian company Bombardier thus forecasts a market of 8,300 private aircraft, including 2,400 long-haul jets. Because the private jet is the absolute transportation mean of the busy international businessman.

Business aviation, the market take-off 

A new niche is making the heyday of the great aviation industry: ultra high-end business jets for the wealthy and the powerful.Spacious private cabin, conference room, luxurious woodwork, powerful Rolls-Royce engines and a $ 65 million bill. The G650, the most luxurious and powerful business aircraft, will take your breath away.Despite its price, the device designed by the American aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace, which is part of the General Dynamics group, is proving very popular, reports Bloomberg. In fact, the entire business jet market is taking off quickly, which also benefits Bombardier. Its most recent industry analysis indicates that business jet sales have been booming since 2010, right after the crisis.

The $ 500 million increase in Bombardier’s business aircraft book confirms the recovery in this sector of activity. Bombardier Business Aircraft’s order backlog now stands at $ 14.3 billion.The entry into service of the Global 7500 has boosted sales of this aircraft, whose list price is $ 72 million. While production of Bombardier's new flagship program should reach 15 to 20 deliveries representing a value between $ 1B and $ 1.5B; if Bombardier maintains the order backlog at more than $ 14 billion in 2019, it will signal a strong recovery.Bombardier Business Aircraft delivered 137 aircraft in 2018 including 42 Global, 83 Challenger and 12 Learjet.

Its closest competitor, General Dynamics, is also optimistic. Business aircraft deliveries to Gulfstream Aerospace increased 25% in the first half.The parent company General Dynamics specifies that deliveries of large cabin aircraft have been a source of growth. In the first six months, the Savannah, Georgia aircraft manufacturer delivered more than 50 large business aircraft, up from 37 a year ago, while mid-size aircraft deliveries remained stable at 15 units.General Dynamics' aerospace division sales, which include both Gulfstream and Jet Aviation, increased 17.3% year-over-year to 4.332 billion in the first half of dollars.





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