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Emirates cabin crew so exceptional customer service experience

What makes Emirates cabin crew so exceptional? By Ahmed Haouaria

10 Déc 2019

Let’s start with some numbers: 

Each year nearly 144,000 applicants from nearly all word countries apply for a cabin crew position to work for Emirates.

21 years old as minimum age, a height of at least 5-foot-2, an arm reach of about 7 feet on tiptoes to reach those overhead bins, fluency in English, at least a high-school degree, and no visible tattoos.

Each year, more than 180,000 flights take off for Emirates airline.

Emiratestransports about 60 million passengers per year.

22,000 cabin crew:including pursers stewards and stewardesses are there to serve those passengers.

Serving mostly international passengers, cabin Crew manage to communicate across different backgrounds. Most of them speaks more than one language. English is a must. But there are over 60 languages spoken across Emirates cabin crew and a staff of 135 nationalities.

One of the best parts of working as a cabin crew for Emirates: Traveling to 140 destinations worldwide with accommodations and meals covered.

And Yes, that’s true, a Sydney to London flight ticket in Emirates First Class could cost $15,500. For such a ticket price a passenger is naturally expecting to be treated like royalty with an exceptional level of service close to a five-star hotel. With a difference, the service takes place at 35,000 feet.

                                   Client satisfaction and loyalty: a priority

Client satisfaction and loyalty are given top priority and care by all customer services oriented fields. The airlines industry is no special case. The exceptionally focused worldwide flight field makes different carriers strive for the top situation with part of significance being given to the client care. The point of this post is to show the effort Emirates adopts to consistently improve the customer/passenger loyalty with a focus on Cabin Crew role. 

                                            ‘’Pleasure Model’’ applied

The ‘’Pleasure Model’’ used within Emirates was created by Le Bel, (2005) and concentrated on how logical research is additionally bringing essence to the zones of client experience. One of the key attributes was the association of cabin crew team with the clients so as to improve the joy part of the service gave. The pleasure model is of high importance in the airlines business within Emirates, essentially because of the enormous markets and nationalities to which the business provides contact service. Thus, it is essential to think about the different ethnicities that work together in the company and that Emirates managed to synergize, and worktogetherto achieve more as a rather a positive factor to strengthen the client feeling of well-being during the flights. 

The model spotlights on both tangible and intangible joy components. A significant number of those components are to be accomplished inside the Airport limits and along these lines were fused in the new model. The variables that lead to the general joy of the traveler incorporate staff and the board just as the condition of offices inside the air terminal like tidiness, café accessibility, toilets, and so forth. The pieces of this model which were fused in this examination were: tangible joy, social and emotional pleasure, and intellectual pleasure. 

As can be seen, the experience has evolved over time. The later models have introduced the impact of culture on customer satisfaction. With the introduction of higher levels of privatization of airports in the last decade the emphasis on customer satisfaction has also increased. 

                             Cabin Crew service excellence rewarded

Emirates is constantly creating a customer focused culture from the inside out.

Emirates Cabin Crew has been named World's Leading Cabin Crew 2019 at the World Travel Awards (WTA) Grand Final Gala Ceremony. The occasion denoted the climax of the WTA's yearly quest for the best travel and the travel industry associations on the planet, where champs of its six territorial functions seek the pined for world titles. Emirates similarly won the world title for World's Leading Airline – Economy Class. 

The event marked the culmination of the WTA's annual search for the finest travel and tourism organizations in the world, where winners of its six regional ceremonies compete for the coveted world titles. Emirates also won the world title for World's Leading Airline – Economy Class.

Adel Al Redha, Emirates' Chief Operating Officer stated at this occasion: “We are immensely proud of our cabin crew who have joined us from over 160 nations. Every day, on over 530 flights across six continents, they deliver Emirates’ high quality product and services with passion, dedication and professionalism, ensuring our guests enjoy memorable, safe, and comfortable journeys.“Coming from different walks of life, Emirates cabin crew truly embrace diversity and make it their strength, as they work as a team on every flight to deliver the best travel experiences. Being named World’s Leading Cabin Crew is a wonderful testimony to their efforts, and we’d like to thank our customers and industry partners for this recognition.”Mr Al Redha added: “Emirates Economy Class remains one of the richest full-service airline cabin products in its category, and we are also delighted to be recognized as the World’s Leading Airline – Economy Class.”

In addition to world-class service by Emirates’ flight attendants team, travelers flying Emirates Economy Class also enjoy generous complimentary check in baggage  fees; complimentary refreshments and meals by gourmet cooks; free Wi-Fi to keep in contact with families on the ground and Emirates' multi-grant winning ice inflight entertainment system, considered the best of the airlines industry, with more than 4,500 stations of motion pictures, TV channels, music and webcasts on the business' greatest individual screens. 

At the WTA's Middle East Gala Ceremony not long ago, Emirates was named the district's Leading Airline, Leading Airline Brand, Leading Airline Rewards Program, Leading Airline Website, and Leading Airport Lounge – Business Class. 

This is not surprising when the company clearly states for its core mission three components that are consistently highlighted: People, Customer and Quality: 

  • Being anefficient organizationwith highperforming people
  • Understanding customersandstakeholders
  • Delivering worldclass airportservices andinfrastructure
  • Embracing aculture ofquality andexcellence
  • Growing ourbusiness regionallyand beyond
  • Honoring corporate andsocial responsibilities












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