The 7 reasons why Emirates is considered the best airlines - by Ahmed Haouaria

20 Juin 2018

Like mostly everything related to tourism and hospitality in UAE, Emirates airlines is over-the-top playing the worlds Leading Luxury Game. From the striking draped-scarf headgear that the female flight attendant wears to the entertainment system that offers more channel choices than any other airlines. In this post I will share with you what I consider the 7 reasons why Emirates is considered the best airlines.

1 - Largest operator of the Superjumbo A380 aircraft

Did you know that Emirates Airways, the world’s largest international airline has the most A380 aircrafts fleet in the world? A total of 103 A380 airplanes,
With its  double-deck, wide-body, four-engine  It is the world's largest passenger aircraft and is obviously makes the flight more comfortable  much quieter. Passengers  don’t feel much turbulence. Takeoffs and landings are real soft.
The Airbus A380 is definitely the center of attention at any airport in the world. After flying with the Dreamliner these last  few years, I was personally really keen to experience the  impressive 853 passengers Super Jumbo from Csablanca to Dubai.

2 - Emirates First Class: Passengers are treated like royalty in their own private cabin

When boarding there’s a kind of incarnation of happiness from the cabin crew as they check your First Class boarding pass with their biggest smile. A certain warmth  flows.... In seconds the lucky passengers is personally accompanied into an elegantly appointed spacious suite. A big wow is the first initial impression. And you know,  it’s all about the first impression especially when passengers are welcome to their own spacious cabin with sliding privacy doors and the kind of amenities  expect to find in a high-end hotel. The leather seat reclines and becomes a lie-down bed.
With no overhead stowage’s. Your carry on can simply fit into your suite with room to spare for easy access.
 The suite offers all of the best possible comforts a customer could desire. With a personal mini bar, orchid to set the mood, toilet and beauty products to refresh and moreover, a designed lamp.
The silky wood panelling and gold trim provide the perfect frame to enjoy view outside. With only 14 seats First class service on an Emirates Airbus A380 is personally tailored to each individual client.
Emirate has even showers onboard the A380. There are two shower suites at the front of the upper deck, one on each side.
Before accessing the, the attendant will ask you if you’re familiar with the shower, and if you’re not, they’ll brief you on it.

3 - Local and International inspired gourmet meals

Dine at your leisure, dine the Emirates way. Especially in First class or business class simply. Economy doesn't disappoint either. Portions are very good and the menu include both local and  international dishes depending upon the departure country.
Meals may include everything clients would expect from toasted sandwiches to Moroccan couscous with either  chicken or meat.
In economy a chickpea and sweet corn salad is served with tuna flakes. Main courses include peri chicken with a sun-dried tomato sauce, fried herbed potato cubes, sauteed spinach and baby carrots, or beef cannelloni pasta served with grilled vegetables. In business class Traditional local Arabic flavours are also presented as a mezze spread including hummus, muhammara, tabouleh, aubergine moussaka, labneh with sun-dried tomato pesto, stuffed vine leaves, marinated chickpeas and olives, complemented by local garnishes or a Green Thai seafood curry.

4 - Best In-Flight Entertainment

When you fly with Emirates, you've got access to the world's best in-flight entertainment system for the whole of your trip.
In fact, Emirates has won the World’s Best In-flight Entertainment award for a record 13th year at the prestigious Skytrax World Airline Awards 2017. Emirates' Information, Communication, Entertainment "ICE" system allows passengers to keep passengers updated with the news, send emails, and browse over 1,800 channels of movies, games, and television throughout every flight.
Emirates call it the ‘’window into new worlds’’
The numerous numbers of available features and options is what gives Emirates an edge over other notes. Customers not only can access the most up-to-date movies and music, they can also track the progress of their flight, take in the view from the plane's external cameras, make calls...
Emirates even provide selected LinkedIn Learning courses its award-winning in-flight entertainment (IFE) system. Emirates is the first international airline to offer these courses on board.  As part of its and ICE content. The free expert-led LinkedIn Learning courses range from 20 minutes to over 2 hours long and cover topics such as Leadership, General Management, Marketing, and Creative Lifestyle.

5 - Clean, well furnished toilets

Yes this is real choice criteria.
Basically and like any other airlines, a full toilet cleaning by specialised ground staff is performed after each landing. Cabin Crew are supposed to refresh it during boarding and just after take-off before any other passengers have a chance to use them.
Some airlines do clean the toilets in flight others don't unless they become seriously messy.
At Emirates Airways the toilets are almost always clean. On my last flight from Dubai to Casablanca, the toilets were very tidy well organised with adequate toilet products like liquid soap and moisture.  The rest of the cabin areas were always clean as well. No paper lying on the floor, no drink cups and cans in the aisles...
Cabin Crew on Emirates seem to be more assiduous about cabin appearance in general and frequently checking the cleanness of the bathrooms in particular.

6 - Outstanding  cabin Crew  

Emirates management consider their cabin crew to be “very special and talented group of people." This is to a great extent real.
It is widely admitted that Emirates cabin crew are outstanding.
The Emirates flight attendants are one of the best when it comes to hospitality. Very supportive cheerful and helpful from the boarding until disembarkation. Their uniforms look elegant compared to most legacy airlines including those with a very long aviation history. Passengers can also often engage in small talks with them during their free time. Pretty and attentive staff along with an accuracy of the details to make the flight experience an unforgettable moment.

7 - Signing up With Skywards to Start Earning Miles

Emirates Skywards is the award-winning frequent flyer programme of Emirates Airline, launched in May 2000. Membership of the programme provides access to a world of exclusive benefits designed to make travel more rewarding and enjoyable.
Emirates Skywards is the frequent flyer program run by Emirates. The program was launched in May 2000.Enrolling in Emirates Skywards will allow earning miles right after enrolling and enjoy a variety of benefits and services.
The application for the reward system takes less than five minutes and if passengers sign up on their first flight, they will automatically earn 2500 extra miles.
At 25,000 miles the program member reaches Silver status and can win as a reward, business lounge access in Dubai. At 50,000 miles the Gold Member level allowing using almost all of the Emirates Lounges.
Customers can also use and gather miles on other flights that Emirates is partnered with. These include airlines such as Qantas, Virgin America, and Korean Air.

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