Flight attendant job: have a head start. By Ahmed Haouaria

18 Fév 2022

Getting a job as cabin crew for a major airline is a stimulating and challenging experience. In addition to having the chance of flying to exotic destinations, the job also requires a high degree of responsibility to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers conforming to international industry regulations, basically ICAO.

Basically, Airlines clearly define their main requirements for a reason.

What this article about?

This article is intended to help young graduate considering getting a head starting flight attendant job, presenting the skills and responsibilities expected by the world’s leading airlines. It will cover what’s required in order to become a flight attendant.

Emphasis will be put on 3 job requirement and guidance.

  1. Cabin Crew referred to as job: Broad perspective
  2. Communication skills requirement
  3.  customer service guidance


  1. Cabin Crew referred to as job: Broad perspective

When commonly considered a role for women, the earliest cabin crew were all male before the first "stewardess" Ellen Church was hired by America’s United Airlines in 1930.

The young American nurse and aviation graduate approached BAT, Boeing Air Transport to apply for a pilot position. The company, refused to recruit Ellen as a pilot, and offered her a position to work as an in-flight nurse. She was requested to find a team of 8 more stewardesses, all of them with nursing background.

Other airlines soon followed, hiring only nurses to serve as cabin crew during their flights.  For some years, this became a fundamental part of the airline industry requirements when recruiting “stewardesses”. The requirement to have a nurse background was dropped at the start of World War II, as most nurses joined the army.In opposition to general belief, looking like a supermodel is not one to operate in an aircraft as a cabin crew. However cabin crew candidates need to be well-groomed. This means having a neat, nice looking and suitable appearance.

It’s all about human interaction.  First impressions count. And that the first contact that a flight attendant has with an airline Flight Attendant interviewer is the evidence that they will automatically and subconsciously use to form their first impression

  1. Communication skills requirement

Communication is key

Cabin Crew must be able to communicate effectively in English. English is international aviation language. Cabin crew are constantly in touch with passengers. They, also could be facing emergency situations.  Flight attendants are relied upon to deal with the situation and assertively give instruction to passengers. Without English mastery Cabin Crew attitude will appear weak.

Being a flight attendant means actively interacting with passengers. A candidate to this position will be requested to:

  • Properly interact with the interviewers
  • Make a positive impression on the spot, thus positively impacting the interview panel

Cross-Cultural environment

Given the fact that Airlines are mostly multinational and cross-cultural environment, Cabin Crew have to be able to communicate easily and efficiently with:

  • Cabin crew colleagues who may be from other nationalities;  
  • Cockpit crew / Flight crew / Pilots;
  • Passengers;
  • Ground staff and airport staff.

Assertive verbal communication

Verbal communication skills must, at least, be meeting the airlines standards.

Assuming that there’s a safety issue with the aircraft during the flight and you are required to communicate a safety message to the passengers using the public address (PA) system.

When facing an emergency situation passengers should feel confident that they are in the safest hands. Without a clear confident communication Crew will simply loose passenger’s control, a very important component during crisis time when Cabin Crew must demonstrate assertiveness.  

When passengers notice any hint of stress or concern in your voice, they will become nervous leading to panic, a great airlines enemy.

  1. Customer service

Cabin crew to ensure customer's loyalty

Today, few businesses are as cruelly competitive as airlines. This is not a reason this should to be felt by customers.

Even among passengers travelling in economy class or low cost carriers, there are plenty of potential passengers who will pay a premium for a better service delivery.

The art of customer in-flight service is of the greatest importance to ensure a memorable flight experience that will impact the passenger’s decision, potential transmitted feedback and therefore the airline business success in the future.

Successful airlines in the coming years will be those which will consider conceive, build and sustain a high standing for excellent customer service. 

A key element of success will be the cabin crew ability to ensure customer's loyalty.

Delivering the best possible customer service is an important and challenging task. But it is also very satisfying and rewarding.

In order to deliver high quality customer service, cabin crew members are requested to ensure excellent inflight service while closely increasing their comfort level and safety during the flight.

Looking for meaning beyond the given statement

Flying is not always an easy task for the passenger. Once on board the aircraft, a good cabin crew member will have the ability to make passengers feel good and expect an exiting flight experience as part of their journey.

 By winning the passengers over, good cabin crew members will find it easier to maintain organised cabin, harmonious flights and make outstanding lasting experiences for themselves and passengers. Expected outcome is not less than ensuring customer loyalty in a highly competitive industry.

Cabin crew are requested to be able to look for meaning beyond the given statement, and know how to deal simultaneously with multiple, sometimes completely different requests.

Strong, diplomatic communication and intellectual skills are also vital for cabin crew staff.

No doubt Airlines who are providing awesome customer service and demonstrate higher customer satisfaction are getting appropriate reward.

Regardless of the industry sector, every company will communicate:  ‘’Customers are their Number One priority’’. Is it always true?  Companies who really believe it “walk the walk” when it comes to delivering the kind of remarkable service that keeps customers coming back to live the same experience again and again.

What next?

As a follow up next post will deal with mandatory Cabin Crew Training as per ICAO and IATA requirements







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